My first game to go to market! Made entirely by myself in Game Maker Studio 2, this 30 minute puzzle game is about love, a magic mountain, and a nefarious witch.

This is a game I worked on independently over the span of about three months. In the beginning I set out to use everything I’d learned and make a complete game that I would be proud of. I wanted some interesting core mechanic and settled on moving two characters at once to solve puzzles. This is an idea inspired by a previous game I made, Cocka-Doodle-DUEL. That game is a 1v1 fighting game, so when playtesting it alone, I had to control both players. I noticed it was fun to move them in unison, and thus Together was born.

This wasn’t the first time I’d practiced level design, but it was certainly the first of its size. I researched how to make challenging and interesting puzzles and looked to all sorts of inspiration. In the end I noticed I was improving even as I just worked on this game, and eventually went back and improved upon some levels with my newfound skills. Along with designing the levels, I had a great time coming up with every aspect of the setting and characters, crafting a world pixel by pixel. I wanted the art to look great and add to the feeling of playing the game, something I think I was able to accomplish.

This was also an opportunity for me to exercise my programming skills. I used all of my own code and had a surprisingly fun time solving problems and creating the systems in the game.

Quantum Robbers

I am a game designer and artist with Virgin Mimosa Studios, a team working on the board game, Quantum Robbers. Quantum Robbers is an official incubator team under Drexel’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio. We were proud to show off our game at PAX Unplugged 2019.

Quantum Robbers is a 3v3 board game in which you play as a unique character with special abilities. One team, the heroic Paradox Patrol, is sworn to protect the powerful time-altering Quantum Core. They must compete against the dastardly hodgepodge of hooligans, the Quantum Robbers. Play as one of our six unique characters, battle foes with a deck-based ability system, and compete to control time itself!

I am responsible for the hex-based map design, and work with others on mechanics, synergy, balancing, and art assets such as icons and card layouts.


I am currently on a team of fourteen working on Ragball, a 2v2 party game. Use wacky movements and ragdoll physics to throw your friends into your enemies and throw your enemies into a goal. Ragball was voted best among six student games at Drexel.

I am the art director for Ragball. I’ve modeled the characters, textured the environment, and helped develop UI. I also assist in developing the mechanics and gameplay of Ragball, as it is my brainchild and I love it dearly.


Cocka-Doodle-DUEL is a 1v1 platformer fighting game that I still play for fun with my friends. Play as either Cocka or Doodle, two newborn mythical cockatrice siblings. Hop around falling worms that stack in random patterns, but avoid being crushed. Collect power-ups to give yourself the advantage. Shoot fireballs at your opponent in a HEATED sibling rivalry.

This simple but polished game was made by two other students and myself. I was responsible for all programming, UI, and some animations. Made in Game Maker Studio 2.