The Art Pile

Here’s a sort of repository of some of my work. Content found here may not be the most recent pieces I’ve done. I’ve made myself an ArtStation that’s much easier and more conventional for people to view. Feel free to browse around here all you want, though. Enjoy.

An original model made in Maya, Textured in Substance Painter
An original animation done in Maya
A scene from The Dark Knight animated in Maya
A crowd simulation using motion capture data I recorded

Visual Art

Children of The City

These are some character concepts I created. I hoped to capture a specific tone inspired by cyberpunk, rave culture, and the shadows of a big city. I wanted the characters to feel like a part of this world, while the world also feels like a part of them. I had a great time coming up with a look and story for each one of them.

Audio Mixing

All sounds and music replaced in Avid Pro Tools